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The Laguna Real Estate/ Charitable Assistance Fund is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization which exists for the benefit of the local community and the Laguna REALTORS® and Affiliate members. Formed in 2004, the founding Board of Directors had a vision to create a nonprofit organization which would raise funds to donate to the local nonprofit organizations in need. In keeping with the giving, volunteer spirit of the Laguna Beach community, the Charitable Assistance Fund prioritizes local organizations which do not have other consistent means of support. A portion of the proceeds from the fundraisers goes back to the LRE/CAF account to be used for the needs of its REALTORS® and Affiliate members. The LRE/CAF is proud to have supported its members in times of medical, financial and local disaster hardship. Our hard work and enthusiasm contributes to the success of two fundraisers:  the "Taste for Charity" and the "Pet Parade and Chili Cook-Off".

We Believe in our Community

2024 OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS:Candy Babcock, Elias Benudiz, Jerry Bieser, Rick Gold, Michael LaRiche, Tracy Lineback, Nancy Pooley, Suzanne Taylor, Gayle Waite, Madelaine Whiteman

The purpose of the Laguna Real Estate/ Charitable Assistance Fund shall be to establish an organization to raise and administer funds and assets that are donated, bequeathed, or devised by any lawful manner in order to provide charitable assistance to the local community.  This includes donations to nonprofit organizations and providing financial assistance to individuals in need, and/or other lawful purposes approved by the Board of Directors of the Corporation.

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